Prashant Kishor

“Elections don’t just choose government, but also opposition”

“Elections don’t just choose government, but also opposition” says Prashant Kishor the Indian Political Strategist. Founder Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC), India’s first and largest cross-party political advocacy group.

Data analytics has established itself as an essential aspect of political campaigns. In I-PAC, the Data Analytics team works on electoral analysis, survey analysis, behavioural analysis, and sentiment analysis to identify they key focus areas and improve the campaign efficiencies with data backed insights. 

Derive insights from electoral and demographic data using statistical techniques. Apply ML and AI modeling to gain actionable insights and boost campaign productivity. Design algorithms to analyse public sentiment using information from digital platforms. Design algorithms to improve the accuracy of surveys and provide insights. Analyse unstructured data sets including reviewing data for completeness and consistency and make recommendations.