Google Contact Center AI

Improving Customer Service with Contact Center AI. Reimagine the Customer eXperience through full end-to-end platform expansion

Announcing Google Cloud Contact Center AI Platform, which offers an out-of-box, end-to-end solution for the contact center. It brings together the advantages of AI, cloud scalability, multi-experience capabilities, and tight integration with customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to unify sales, marketing, and support teams around data across the customer journey.

Contact Center AI Platform is purpose-built for customer relationship management, extending ability to offer personalized customer experiences that are consistent across the brand, whether delivered through a virtual agent, a human agent, or a combination of both. It eliminates many long-running pain points, from managing data fragmentation to replacing rigid customer experience flows with more engaging, personalized, and flexible support. With this addition, Contact Center AI now lets you:

  • Orchestrate the customer journey by creating modern experiences that can be embedded in their chosen channels with mobile/web software developer kits (SDKs), compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Leverage CRM as a single source of insight into the customer experience, to unify content, increase personalization, and automate processing with CRM data unification.
  • Manage multiple channels without pivoting across voice, SMS, and chat support.
  • Predict customer needs and route calls appropriately with AI-driven routing, based on both historical CRM data and real-time interactions.
  • Automate scheduling, schedule adherence monitoring, and manage employee scheduling preferences with Workforce Optimization (WFO) integration.

Provide customers with self-service via web or mobile interfaces using Visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR).