Drive Effective Content Marketing. Understand the Neuroscience Behind Writing Better Headlines

Neuroscience behind Effective Copy-writing

Today, we scroll from one Headline to another; is consuming videos, and reading headlines as the way of understanding stories. that means we need to understand the values of someone reading the Headline in the feeds, and the value of the native impression.

Hence, Neuroscience , the study of the Sub-conscious – which shows why in-feed Native Ads are so influential.

Native Ads, are Read, and not just seen. And, reading influences the brain

We have noticed that Native Ads receive Twice the direct visual focus of a traditional banner. the words used in the headlines matter – since the words can increase a person’s interest in the message on a subconscious level.

By including certain word groups, we can increase a person’s interest in the message on a Subconscious level.

Deepak Nair

Deepak is a Digital, & Analytics SME with about 15+ years of experience in the fields of New Media, Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, & AI