Back in the late 1990s, MTV was aired on DD Metro Channel. Though, the partnership didn’t last long. But during that 1 Year of Broadcast; I was exposed to the world of Music Videos, SubCulture, Grunge, HipHop, and much more. Back then the VJs were cool, the true influencers of the time, way before Social Media dawned on us.

NASTY TV is a side project to provide a visual narrative of the 90’s Music/Video Culture. Everything Alternative, Everything Grunge and nothing Mainstream. Inspired by, & Shout Out to MTV, Channel V, Fuel TV, Vice Media, VH1, MCM, Much Music, Thrasher Magazine, TimesFM, Radio Midday, CNN Dot Com, Atin Das Gupta – AIR 107.1, Dangerous MegaMix on DD, Teens Today, JamMag, Rock Street Journal (RSJ), Rhythm House, Planet M, Groove Music