Amplitude Announces AI Driven Initiative “Journeys”.

Customer Journey Analytics for the Citizen Data Scientists

Industry-First Solution that Analyzes the Breadth and Depth of the Customer Journey. Powered by Machine Learning, “Journeys” can automatically evaluate the thousands of possible customer events and home in on the moments that matter most to the business

By evaluating the thousands of possible events along a customer path, Journeys automatically focuses teams on the few exact moments that have the greatest business impact, such as drop-off or paths which yield the highest conversion.

Product teams then leverage this real-time, predictive intelligence to identify the exact friction or conversion point by user, and group customers into cohorts for targeted messages and offers to accelerate conversion

Holistic View and True Understanding of the Customer, from the lens of the product itself. With Amplitude Journeys, the customer is now the center of any digital product experience, transforming yesterday’s product and data problems into today’s business growth opportunities

Understanding workflows, like sign-up to activation, and key milestones. Being able to flush this out in one click is incredibly powerful and Journeys enables us to increase the understanding and velocity.

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